The Perfect Episode in the Time of Quarantine →

I love everything about this episode. The fact that the team could get paid in an economically difficult time. The emotional relevance of the isolation & hardship of social distancing. The fact that this was pulled together — from concept to final production — in under three weeks, all shot on iPhones.

And then the ending just leaves you with a big fat smile on your face, to remind you than in tough times like this, we can get through it together with creativity.

Flak Sack 2 by LocTote

In preparation for my trip to Europe this November, I have a new daypack to hold a water bottle and my jacket when indoors. I don't feel comfortable wearing my usual backpacks/daypacks because pickpockets are widely known for slashing pockets to steal valuables, so I'm glad found the strongest, most portable sling bag out there.

This will also come in handy for future beach/pool trips when I need to leave my phone, keys, and wallet by my towel while I'm out in the water.