The Best Credit Card System for Free Flights

Not signing up for a travel rewards credit card was the dumbest financial mistake of my life, especially in my 30s. I've been using my credit cards all wrong:

  • use travel credit card as default
  • use quarterly category cards when possible

Thankfully, I learned about this just in time to sign up for Chase Sapphire Reserve and its AWESOME 100,000 travel points bonus program.

I've been jealous of all my friends traveling so much. My biggest reason for not traveling these past few years is money, but this bonus program makes it possible for me to cross out some things from my bucket list.

Kobe, When Luke Walton Showed Up to Practice Drunk →

Luke Walton on the Open Run podcast:

I probably had too much to drink the night before. So, I came in. I was a rookie. I felt good. And they could smell some alcohol on me, and Kobe informed the rest of the team that nobody was allowed to help me on defense and that I had to guard him the entire practice.

And I was laughing at first, like, “Oh, this is funny.” But in Kobe’s mind, in his eyes, it was like, “No. I see and smell weakness. I’m going to destroy you today.” And he taught me that lesson. He taught me that lesson. I mean, he probably scored 70-something in practice that day, and I’m begging for help. None of the teammates would help.

But his killer instinct and his work ethic, they’ll stick with me forever.

Cauliflower Rice →

LOVE THIS. When I started my little 21-day Keto challenge, I questioned myself if I could really give up carbs. But after trying out this recipe, for the first time ever, I thought to myself, "Maybe I can do this Keto thing."

Now I make this at least twice a week. And when I do, it's usually when I'm treating myself to a nice, juicy steak or my dad's Spicy Sweet & Sour Chicken. I get to spoil myself 100% guilt-free!