D'Angelo Russell

Ever since the Lakers won the #2 draft pick, I've been researching non-stop and debating back-and-forth between Jahlil Okafor and D'Angelo Russell.

Both are going to be brilliant on offense, and both will equally have to improve their defense. But after watching a few interviews, I realized Russell has something that Okafor and Towns don't really have — that cockiness and competitive fire that says, "I am the best damn player in this room and I will fucking prove it to you all."

That's the stuff that separates the really good players from the great players.

MJ has it. Kobe has it. LeBron has it. I think D'Angelo has it too.

So this morning, I called it on Twitter. Low and behold, I was right.

Welcome to Los Angeles, D'Angelo!!

Lakers Win #2 Pick! →

Mike Trudell:

There was only an 11.9 percent chance that the Lakers would get the second pick, but team representative, coach and former Laker himself Byron Scott was more than happy to see his team grab the pick that will be L.A.'s highest since James Worthy went No. 1 in 1982.

There was a better chance that L.A. would lose its selection to Philadelphia (via Phoenix in the Steve Nash trade) by having two teams jump into the top three ahead of them, but it wasn't that kind of night for the Lakers.

There was only one team to jump up in draft position -- the Lakers.

The Basketball Gods smile upon the city of Los Angeles!

#FindDancingMan →


The Internet is taking a stand: no one should ever be shamed for trying to have a good time.

In February, a user on 4chan posted about their encounter with a man at a concert, who was ridiculed for dancing and quickly stopped when he noticed people were laughing at him. The user posted before and after photos of the man, saying "spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

The photo was reposted onto Imgur on Wednesday by a user called FrozenBadger. They wrote, "I find this behavior fucking despicable. If you're out there big man, fuck those kids. Keep dancing."

Many other people on 4chan, Reddit and social media shared the user's opinion, who called out the original poster for bullying the man when he was simply trying to have a good time.

The Free Thought Project writer Cassandra Fairbanks decided to launch a personal campaign to find the dancing man and arrange "something special" for him. In a mere 24 hours, thousands of female Twitter users joined Fairbanks in her search, using the hashtag #FindDancingMan.

An open letter to the dancing man began to circulate, detailing a major dance party the women wanted to throw to not just boost the man's self esteem but also send a strong message against body shaming.

On Friday morning, Fairbanks was sent a strong lead on the identity of the dancing man, who lives in London. After getting in contact with him via social media, the dancing man finally revealed himself to his thousands of Internet fans, and they were very happy to see him.

The man, who's first name is Sean, accepted Fairbanks' offer for a dance party — as soon as he is back from a trip to Kiev. Because he can dance if he wants to. He can leave 4chan behind.

Sometimes the internet brings out the best in people.