iPhone 3G

Let's start with the basics:

  • Black and White
  • $200 for 8GB, $300 for 16GB
  • Hits stores on July 11

Now for some of the stuff you probably don't know:

  • $30/month for Unlimited Internet — The iPhone is significantly cheaper for two reasons, the first reason being the iPhone is now subsidized by AT&T. The cost of unlimited internet increased to $30/month, up from $20. $30/month times 24 months = $720.
  • Good Luck Unlocking - Because AT&T is banking on your 2-year commitment, they're gonna be extremely anal about people trying to unlock their iPhones. In the previous model, you could buy the iPhone from the store, bring it up and activate it (or hack it). Now, just like any other phone, you have to get it activated immediately after you sign up with AT&T.
  • GPS = Convenient, Stalkerlicious - With the built-in GPS, you're gonna see all sorts of apps that take advantage of geo-location (knowing where you are). When you take pics, it'll know your exact coordinates of where you took the pic. Want to see reviews of all the restaurants around you at any given moment? Done. Want to track where your friends are? You could fire up an app and see their locations on Google Maps. "Dude, why the fuck are you at my girlfriend's house?!"
  • 32GB by February? - Apple is pretty good about updating their products at regular intervals. iPods tend to get updated in September in preparation for the holiday season. September is a little too soon for an update, especially since the 3G isn't hitting stores until July 11. But January is a nice time to introduce an update because that is when Apple holds its biggest conference.

My final verdict:

People that have an iPhone...just keep it. Have a little self-control (I know, it's hard) and hold out for the next minor update, which should be coming sometime early next year.

Everyone else? $200 and $300 is a fucking STEAL compared to all the other stuff that is out there. It's an iPod + a phone + a web browser + a portable YouTube player (which is great for laughs at parties). All you Facebook whores will love it too.